What decorations can I put up?

Tenants tend to decorate their rooms in a number of different ways. If you wish to paint your wall, please do, but be aware that you will need to repaint it back to the original colour when you move out (White Matt Emulsion Paint). Please avoid nailing or screwing anything into the wall as this is a nightmare to repair and redecoration can be costly. We would advise against using blue/white tack, sellotape or pins as this can leave staining, peel off paint or leave small holes in the wall, all of which will need to be repaired/redecorated at your cost; however if you want to use these things just be aware that you will need to repair these areas before you move out. We advise using clever tools like ‘Command’ hooks as these easily come off the wall without causing any damage or leaving any marks. If you have any other questions then please contact us and we will help/advise you.