Can I and/or my group stay in the house for 2 years?

Yes, many of our tenants apply for a tenancy with us for a second year running. As we only offer one 12-month fixed contract at a time, we will need to re-reference each tenant’s guarantor (to ensure that they are still in the same financial position as they were for the last tenancy) before we can issue a new tenancy. This process is very similar to the first application (the one you are currently making). We will be in touch with all of the tenants before Christmas (once they have moved in) to find out if they would like to stay for another year.

  • If all tenants are staying on:

This is a very simple process! We have to carry out referencing checks for a new fixed term contract and as you are on a fixed term contract, in order to stay on you will have to apply for a new fixed term contract to stay on for another year. What this means is that we will issue you with new application forms and issue your guarantor with all new guarantor documents to complete the referencing process. Same as what you have already just completed, we will carry out the referencing checks and once passed we will issue you/your group with a new contract to sign.

  • If only some of the tenants want to stay on:

This is also fine but you will need to have a full group in order to proceed with a tenancy application. We can help you find new people to replace the current people who do not wish to stay once the first contract ends. We are then able to start processing your referencing as required and as described above.