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Home to diverse culture, art & night life Brighton welcomes students from all walks of life. Start your student journey in one of our high quality central city lets.

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About Citylets

Based in the heart of the city, CityLets is a family run business that looks after a number of high quality seaside homes on behalf of local landlords. Our company has always prided itself on presenting high quality, well maintained properties in the best parts of Brighton for students looking to move to the city for their studies.

We have a team of dedicated maintenance professionals that we work alongside to make sure any issues are resolved quickly and to a high standard of repair. With over 25 years of experience operating just in Brighton & Hove we are very used to making students comfortable in their new homes across the city.

So whether you are new to CityLets, or you Let through us already, we look forward to helping you find the home you need throughout your stay at University.