What am I liable for and what is the landlord liable for?

Generally speaking, the day to day living expenses and running of the house are your responsibility. This means that if there is an issue with the house that crops up as a result of you living there then it is your responsibility to fix it. For example, if the drains get blocked or the grouting becomes dirty, this has happened because of the way you are living in the house and therefore it will be your responsibility to fix the problem.

If a structural issue occurs that has nothing to do with the way you are living (i.e. the issue would’ve happened whether you were in the house or not) then it is down to the landlord to fix. For example, if there was a roof leak or the dishwasher stopped working because it is old and a part has broken and needs replacing, then this will be something that the landlord will pay for and sort out.

As it is your contract and you are responsible for living in your house during the length of the contract, you will therefore be responsible to pay for any issues that you cause or any issues that crop up as a result for you living there or your living style. We are obviously on hand if you need any help or want any advice on how to sort issues that may arise or contractors we would recommend, please just email us.