I haven’t opted for Bills Included, how do I set up my utility bills, who pays and how much are the bills?

Bills are your responsibility to set up and make payment of, but you can always get in touch to ask any questions and get help on this if you need it. There is a separate paragraph below for how to set up each utility and the research you may wish to do to find the best supplier, but we can go through all of this again during the move in meeting as well if you want us to.

It is up to your group how you agree to split payments (some choose to set up a joint account for all bills to go out of, some nominate 1 person to look after all bills and everyone pays them back, and some take on responsibilities for certain bills for example John pays water and Sarah and Kirsty pay the gas together).

Your house will already have gas, electric and water supplied by a particular company. You will need to find out who the current suppliers are. You can do this before or once you move in. The details will all be in your move in pack about how to find out your current utility supplier. You then have the option to stay with them, or start researching online for alternative provider if you wish, for the best rates.

You won’t be able to actually open up a utility account until you move into the property though. On move in day, we will provide you with a meter reading, it will look like the photos above. This reading will have a code/number on it.

You will then need to call the current utility company and tell them the start date of your contract and the meter reading number. They will use this to open your account. Once your account has been opened, you will be able to agree payment and billing methods with them. If you wish to swap to another supplier you can tell them when you open an account with them and they will talk you through the process of switching suppliers. You must open an account with the current supplier as soon as you move in, even if you want to swap to a new supplier!

Every month or so the supplier will ask you for a meter reading – as you use gas/electricity/water the meter will count the number of units you use. This is how they calculate how much to charge you. When you give them the next meter reading they will calculate how much you have used and therefore how much you owe them. When you move out, you do a final meter reading on move out day and this is how you close your account with them.

TV License

You will need to set up a new account and pay for a TV License. Please use the following website to do so. You can set up the account once you move in. You can choose how you would like to pay and how frequently. The license lasts for 1 year. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk


The house already has all the wiring and cables necessary for internet and Wi-Fi. You will need to research and find a suitable company that you wish to supply your internet. You can set up the account before you move in and arrange for it to be installed once you move in. The earlier you set this up, the more likely you are to get the date that you want for them to install your internet. Again, you can choose how you would like to pay and how frequently – you will need to discuss this with them. Please do not allow satellite dishes to be installed or any drilling or re-wiring without first obtaining permission from the landlord.

Council Tax

You will need to click on the following link so that you can register as a student living in a house.


You must use this form to notify the council that you are a registered student studying full-time. You will need to provide them with your contract dates, and your student number. Once they process this information, they will send you out a letter confirming that you have £0 to pay. If you are in your final year, you will become liable for council tax as soon as you finish your course – please bear this in mind. (e.g. if your course finishes in June and you move out in September then you will be liable for Council Tax for July-September).