I am liable for just my son/daughter?

The contract is a joint agreement so all the tenants are jointly and severally liable. If a tenant does not pay their rent then the first step is to contact them to ask them for payment. We have very few people who are late or ever unable to make payment of their rent due to very strict referencing criteria. For the few that have not made payment, our Accounts Team will contact their guarantor to make payment. Again because of the very strict referencing criteria, we have tried to minimise the risk for all tenants and guarantors alike to ensure that the guarantors can afford to make payment of their share of the rent payment and that they are able to make the payment when/if required.

If the guarantor does  not make payment of rent, we would contact all of the tenants to inform them that their tenancy is in arrears and to ask them to either make payment or encourage them to ask the person who hasn’t paid to make payment. It is our experience that this tends to solve rent arrear problems. If you have any further questions regarding this then please do contact us for more information.