How often will you/the landlord come round to our house?

You will be pleased to know that the landlord is extremely unlikely to be visiting your property and you will only have to deal with us! We normally carry out the following meetings inspections during your tenancy:

Sept/Oct – Arranged meeting to offer advice about managing your house (e.g. using your heating/boiler, avoiding anti-social behaviour, managing condensation and mould etc.)

Nov/Dec to Feb/March – House viewings to re-let your house for the following year (we will try and block all viewings together into one day/one timeslot so that we are not in and out of your house all day every day!)

May/June – Pre-Move out Inspection to provide you with a report on how to clean up your house and prepare for moving out so that you can get your deposit back

Other – we will need to carry out a gas safety check every 12 months to issue a new certificate and possibly an electrical safety check; the landlord may ask us to carry out a house inspection which we would carry out once per tenancy if requested; we may need to attend with a contractor to view the property for things like HMO re-licensing, house valuations for mortgage lenders or insurance companies etc.